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Hi! I’m Angela (aka Angee) and I’m the Chief Creative Officer of Swoon Seniors by Powell Woulfe Photography. OK, so I’m not just the CCO…I’m the CEO, CFO, errand girl, marketing department….well, you get the idea.

So, what is Swoon? Inspired by the Southern California shores, golden light, and beauty, I decided that every graduate deserved a different, better portrait experience. Most schools hire a designated photographer, who comes in, lines em up, and shoots em. You’re stuck with an icky drape or stuffy tux. Sure, that photographer usually offers a very expensive option to add on a package after the fact, but is that really YOU? You have options. You deserve unique portraits, and an amazing experience – not the same senior pictures that everyone else has. That is where Swoon steps up. I want your senior portrait experience to make you feel gorgeous/handsome, pampered, amazing, stunning, fabulous, fun….I could go on all day. Swoon Seniors is all about a luxury experience for all teens and graduates.

Swoon Seniors loves to stand apart from the rest, so I’ve also created the Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Program. It is THE BEST spokesmodel representative program, offered to a few seniors exclusively each year. Earn cash, rewards, and free photography and products, just for showing off your portraits.  We’re currently seeking a few more spokesmodels in the Maryland/Virginia/DC areas for the Class of 2017. For more info on participating in the Spokesmodel Program, get in touch!VRP_6846

I can’t wait to get to know what makes you stand out in a crowd, and showcase YOU in your portraits. Together, we’ll make an unstoppable team!



Angee’s portraits courtesy of Violet Ray Photography.