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Happy Halloween! | Northern Virginia Senior Photo Session

A Spooky Senior Photo Session It’s been a busy summer and fall, and I have so much to share with everyone! (Including an updated look coming soon to the site!) While there are many senior photo session peeks from the summer to share, I just

Winter Portrait Makeup // Washington DC Senior Photographer

Well, if you’re reading this and live in the Washington DC area, you survived the Blizzard of 2016. We live just north of the Beltway and had very close to three feet of snow that fell in about 24 hours. It was crazy, but beautiful! Every

Semira // Class of 2016 // Stafford Senior Photographer

North Stafford High School // Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Team – Class of 2016 I love working with dancers, and actually have had several of them on the Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Teams over the past five years, including this lovely young woman!

Jules // Class of 2016 // Fredericksburg Senior Photographer

Spotsylvania High School // Class of 2016 // Fredericksburg Senior Photographer I actually first met Jules about 7 years ago (I think!) Then I was able to watch her grow up over the years via social media. I know her mom is definitely proud of her!

Sarah // Class of 2016 // Fredericksburg Senior Photographer

North Stafford High School // Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Team – Class of 2016 I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I first met Sarah! I knew she would be a great addition to the Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Team – Class

Class of 2016 Spokesmodel Spirit // Northern Virginia High School Senior Photographer

Happy New Year, Class of 2016!!! Wow – it is January, which means senior year is halfway over already! Where did the time go? The past few months have been a crazy blur, so I’m extremely grateful for some time this month to buckle in and

Brie // Class of 2016 // Annapolis Senior Photographer

Meet Brie – Class of 2016 at Meade High School. Brie’s senior portrait session was absolutely perfect, from her outfits, to the locations, to her makeup! Her session was the perfect example of how you can get a wide variety of looks in a

Senior Portrait Photographer // What to Wear Fall 2015

Your senior portrait session is kind of a big deal. (OK, it’s a really big deal.) This is your time to showcase your style and individuality! I encourage every senior to plan a wardrobe that is both comfortable and reflects their personality,

Taylor // Class of 2016 // Stafford Senior Portrait Photographer

Mountain View High School // Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Stafford Senior Portrait Photographer I first met Taylor over a year ago at her home in Stafford, where she was helping her older sister, Shelby, prepare for her senior portrait session. Shelby

Congratulations Class of 2015 // Northern Virginia Senior Pictures

The last year has been simply amazing. I worked with so many amazing graduates for the Class of 2015! It was an honor to be your senior portrait photographer! The summer ahead will be filled with many more amazing memories, and in the fall,

Kyndall // Class of 2015 // Howard County Senior Photographer

Congratulations to the Class of 2015! It’s that time of year – prom, college tours, graduation! And also time for me to catch up on sharing my images from the Class of 2015 sessions! I’m excited to introduce Kyndall, who will be

Glam Senior Pictures | A Trip to the Desert

ICYMI: I spent about a week in early March traipsing through the desert in Nevada. I love the desert. Absolutely adore it. There is something wild, and untamed about the desert that calls to me artistically. I love to use that rugged landscape in a

Announcing the Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Team ’16 // Washington DC Area Senior Photographer

In case you missed it last week on the Swoon Seniors Instagram, I am excited to announce the Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Team for the Class of 2016!! Joining us this year: Marleyna – Brooke Point High School Abigail – Mountain View High

Winter Senior & Teen Portraits | Washington DC Area Senior Photographer

Well, it’s winter in the DC/MD/VA area, and it’s been a weird one. The weather has not been “usual” at all, which is totally normal here. 😉 As you can imagine, not many of my teens are jumping at the chance to get out in the

Meet the Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Team – Class of 2015 // Washington DC Area Senior Photographer

Wow. January. Already. Every year, I am surprised at how fast time flies. In just two days, the Swoon Seniors Spokesmodel Search ’16 will kick off – looking for the most fabulous high school seniors in the DMV area. I have loved every

Are You Camera Ready? // Washington DC Area High School Senior Pictures

It is the question every high school senior has on their mind when scheduling their senior portrait session: What do I wear, and how should I do my makeup/hair?  Well, the answer to that question is pretty long, so I’m going to focus on

Happy New Year 2015 // Swoon Seniors Favorite Moments of 2014 // DC, MD, VA High School Senior Photographer

WOW! The last year has taken me so many places, and I’ve met so many people…I am just in awe of all the fabulous things that happened in 2014! I have to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have made this year possible. I

Chloe // Class of 2015 // Loudoun County Senior Photographer

I’m so excited to share this senior session with Chloe! I always stress to my seniors that you don’t need to be a professional model to rock your session, and Chloe proved this over and over again! We had a great location that she was

Jade // Class of 2015 // Spokesmodel // Riverbend High School

I’m so excited to bring you a look at Jade’s recent Swoon Senior Spokesmodel session in Old Town Alexandria! Jade is so full of life and light! She was a total natural in front of the camera, too. Like all my seniors, Jade has a story to

Juliette // Class of 2015 // Spokesmodel // Meade High School

Meet Juliette! Juliette is a beautiful girl, but she’s also super talented as a dancer, and a great girl to talk to.  I was so excited to bring some of her ideas to life for her shoot.  Dance is such a big part of her life, and we wanted to

Haley // Class of 2015 // Spokesmodel // Mountain View High School

I’m so excited to share some of my favorite’s from Haley’s senior session in Fredericksburg! Haley is a senior at Mountain View High School, and is a ton of fun to hang around with! (And her mom and dad are pretty cool, too! Thanks

Emily // Class of 2015 // Spokesmodel // Colonial Forge High School

Over the next few weeks, Swoon Seniors will be featuring the amazing Class of 2015 Swoon Seniors Spokesmodels! If you happen to attend school with any of these lovely ladies, please be sure to ask them about their experience! (And they can hook you

McKenzie // Class of 2015 // Ocean City, MD Senior Session

HI! I know….it’s been ages since I’ve blogged. I have so many great sessions to share with everyone, but it’s been a really busy summer! This morning, I was looking over all the sessions I have to post, and realized that I

Virginia – Class of 2014 // Northern Virginia Senior Photographer

I was so excited to finally meet Virginia when she arrived in my studio a few weekends ago! We’d been planning this session for months, and the time had finally arrived. It was a perfectly beautiful day, too! Virginia was all set to receive